Michael met Michelle out at the student center. He watched her studying, saw she was absent-minded, and when she got up to go to the rest room, he dropped his “love potion” in her coffee. Before long, she started to yawn, and got up to go back to her dorm for a nap to “recharge” before exams. Michael waited outside until he knew the “love potion” would take effect, then picked the lock and slipped into her apartment… and her pussy, fucking her hard, slapping her face with his cock, sliding it into her wet and ready mouth, then blasting his load all over her beautiful, sleeping face. Michael is a nice guy though. He took the time to clean her up before leaving.
Felicia invited Nicholas over just to watch a movie. She likes him, but hasn’t really made up her mind yet if she wants to “get involved.” Well, Nicholas made his mind up for her. When she got up to make some popcorn to eat with the movie, he slipped a “special” pill into her drink. Before long, movie time was over, and FUCK time was here! Nicholas waited until Felicia was dead asleep then removed her clothing… admired her body, and VIOLATED it, having his way with her until he had his fill. And she never knew what happened…
The workplace can be the perfect spot to find a victim. A girl that you see regularly, that you can get to trust you… Roger did just that with Angelica, and talked her into having a “business dinner.” Of course, he got her to drink some wine, but it was his own “special brew” that included a special sleeping potion. Angelica got so tired, so fast, Roger offered to drive her home. When she passed out in his car, He carried her inside, then stripped off her pants, fingering her pussy, getting it nice and wet for what was to come next… and what was to come? Roger! All over her cunt, fucking her hard while she was so passed out she barely even responded…
Pieter met Mika at the mall. He poured on the old charm and had her eating out of his hand, so it was easy to get her to invite him back to her place, and even easier for Pieter to slip her a special “red pill” in her tea that made her the perfect sex partner…Soon after Mika passed out, Pieter got to explore her deeply and in every way he could imagine, rubbing her clit while he masturbated, spreading her ass wide, going balls deep inside her tight cunt, rubbing his cock between her tits, spanking her, spitting in her face, in her mouth… doing everything he could think of and then some, because Mika never needs to know his darkest desires…
Carlos is a daring man. For him, the thought of getting caught is half the fun of drugging up and fucking these young whores. So, he likes to use JUST ENOUGH of his special brew so the girl is ALMOST awake. Knowing she might wake up, any second, and start screaming is what really gets him off. Patty is a smart girl with a quick mind, so it was even more of a thrill for Carlos to keep her close to consciousness, awake enough that she moaned like the little slut she is while he finger fucked and licked her cunt. She grunted with pleasure and pain as he stuffed his huge cock into her tight little assand end it all with his sperm dripping out of her mouth...

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